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The Story Behind Adventuresque Travel Boutique

I'm Natalia,  founder of Adventuresque Travel Boutique.

I created this agency to share my style of traveling with adventurous, culture-minded travel addicts such as myself. When I travel, I blend adventure with my love of all things picturesque and elegant. There is nothing better than exploring and having a sophisticated "home away from home" to rest your head at nights. 

I started exploring the world the way most people do; through pre-set group tours. By the end of every tour, I would feel drained. I was left very little time to explore on my own, or even rest between cities; and being in a large crowd all the time made checking in at every hotel and tour a seemingly endless process.

It was then I started venturing out to new destinations on my own...

The first trip I ever planned was to Japan for myself and 4 of my friends. While searching for all possible lodging and activities to do on our trip was exhausting, I also found it incredibly rewarding. This was especially true when other friends started asking for my advice on their future trips to Japan. 

Since then, I've planned trips to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Portugal and even a solo trip to Croatia! I've learned that visiting these destinations and staying at elegant properties does not have to come at a premium price. I've also learned the importance of resting during my trips, because you will never enjoy any activity if you are simply exhausted.


I truly enjoy every aspect of planning a trip from transportation and lodging, to excursions that include food/wine tasting and eco-tourism. I understand it can be overwhelming to some and that's where my services can make your life much easier: 

Find out what Adventuresque Travel Boutique can do for you.

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