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Planning my vacation with  Adventuresque Travel Boutique was so easy and stress free because every question and request was promptly answered. Natalia's knowledge and professionalism is the key to have an enjoyable experience.


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I must say that my vacations have changed for the better since I started using Natalia to plan and book them. Her attention to detail is amazing. I have used her services more than once for that reason. My first time was for a trip to Merida, Mexico, it was perfect! The second time she planned an amazing 2 week escape to Thailand and it has been one of the best experiences of my life! I love that I got to see the Yi Peng and Loi Krathong festivals.The personalization of your trip is outstanding.

Mexico & Thailand

Small Street in Japan


Natalia has the capability of planning an amazing trip, well budgeted, full of experience, and fun. I travel a lot for work and on my off time. But my trip to Japan, to Tokyo and Kyoto is one I can never forget. Thank you Natalia for putting a trip together so wonderfully. I feel like I got the best experience out of the week that I was there. I’d highly recommend seeking her help if you aren’t quite sure what you’d like to book.


Image by David Angel
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I would highly recommend Natalia to any busy professionals looking to have someone plan a great vacation or trip experience with little to no hassle. Natalia is always available and accessible to make necessary changes and assist in a pinch.. Thank you Natalia for making our trip a wonderful and great experience. 🙌 😊 ...

Costa Rica

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Adventuresque Travel Boutique made my trip so much fun, customer service was great and all destinations and activities were amazing! Would definitely recommend!


Image by Biel Morro
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The best part about working with Adventuresque Travel Boutique was the peace of mind. I knew where I wanted to go for my trip, but I did not have the time to look for flights, hotels or activities. Natalia helped with all of the bookings, and made everything so easy! I don’t think I could ever go back to how I traveled before. Thank you Adventuresque for the incredible experience!


Image by Anna Sullivan
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Booking my trip with Adventuresque Travel Boutique was a great decision. Natalia is very professional and always strives to provide great customer service. She always goes the extra mile; looking for possible upgrades, informing you of any paperwork you may need to fill out before your trip, always on top of confirming shuttle transfers, etc...This definitely gave me peace of mind. Also, When she found out about our Wedding Anniversary, she asked the hotel to set up a little something for us. It was a very nice surprise and very thoughtful of her. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking to have a relaxing vacation without having to worry about every minor detail.


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Adventuresque Travel boutique organized our transportation to and from hotel-airport for our very large travel group (almost 30) with all different arrival and departure times and took care of everything! She triple confirmed and when the company was not on time for one of the pick ups she made sure to be the point of contact and resolved the issue! Definitely recommend!!!!


Image by Marvin Castelino
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Best experience ever!! Highly recommended! Natalia is always available and happy to help! Was a very beautiful trip. Natalia even left a surprise at the hotel for my birthday! Service is AMAZING!


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