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Fall Travel

Autumn really is the best time to travel: fewer crowds, cooler weather, lower prices (maybe). Check out our list for best places to visit this season and why!


Montreal, Canada

From fall foliage to the charming Old Montreal, you can discover a beautiful and welcoming city. Plus you get to check out this great city before the temperatures get extremely cold in the winter.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Experience castles, cozy pubs, medieval architecture, and lovely people among the fall foliage. Added plus: the Edinburgh Castle helped inspire Hogwarts Castle! If you're a Harry Potter fan you'll definitely enjoy this destination.


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is an amazing place to visit for fall foliage, and the vibrant city is captivating, unusual, welcoming, and fascinating. It's considered the 2nd best time to visit after cherry blossom season.

Asheville, USA

The Blue Ridge Mountains make a wonderful visit during the fall. As well as the mountain views, explore what local artisans have to offer. Why not enjoy a fun road trip?


Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

The Plitvice Lakes are simply breathtaking in the fall, with colorful leaves, waterfalls, and generally incredible scenery. It is said you will never experience the same lakes twice as the waterfalls are constantly changing the topography of the area!

Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria is the setting of a number of fairy tales. Neuschwanstein Castle is said to have inspired the Sleeping Beauty Castle of Disneyland. It really is beautiful during the fall. You can also enjoy plenty of beer and pretzels.

Vabria .jpeg

Queenstown, New Zealand

For an upside-down autumn, head here (during their spring). Get incredible views and access to a huge range of outdoor activities too. Hint: the world's steepest zip line is located here!

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