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La Isla Del Encanto

Puerto Rico is a small island in the Caribbean bursting with culture and hospitality. Its nickname in Spanish is "La Isla Del Encanto" which translates to "The Island of Enchantment" and I definitely agree with it. I've visited many times over the years but surprisingly had never visited the west coast of the island. That all changed this past February.

The west region of Puerto Rico has some of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen, and their location provides for some truly spectacular sunsets. My favorite sunset during my week-long visit was at the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. During the day we enjoyed walking up the hill to see the lighthouse and the "Puente de Piedra" which translates to stone bridge. We also enjoyed Playa Sucia, which is easily accessible by walking down the hill from the lighthouse.

I had heard the sunsets were truly something to marvel at, so we made our way back up the hill around sunset, which is around 06:30 pm local time. We were NOT disappointed. Do yourself a favor if you ever visit the west coast. Take one day to just watch the sunset completely. It was healing, refreshing, and peaceful.

We stayed in the municipality of Isabela, in the most relaxing AirBnb I've ever experienced. The reason why I prefer AirBnb's over hotels is the personal touch many hosts leave in their spaces. I also like being able to cook my own meals and have a bit more privacy. This particular house gave us all of those amenities. We made our own barbecue dinner one night, and breakfast every morning. Plus the space came with beach towels and chairs, snorkeling equipment, and a washer/dryer. If you're ever in Isabela look up "Casa Bonita" on Instagram or Airbnb. We even got to see humpback whales from the balcony!

One of the most famous beaches on the west coast is Crash Boat in the municipality of Aguadilla. The water is crystal clear and it features a pier where you can jump off. I certainly would only recommend this if you're a strong swimmer, as the waves made the swim back difficult. It was worth it to me though, I loved this beach and the thrill of jumping off the 9 foot pier. I wish I would've taken more pictures here but we really were enjoying the music, scenery, and piña coladas being sold by local vendors.

During this week on the west coast, I did not participate in any tours or excursions. I simply took it easy, and that's really characteristic of this part of the island. Known for being a haven for surfers from all around the globe, the atmosphere is really laid-back and friendly. It's the perfect spot to recharge your batteries, and fall in love with Puerto Rico. I'm just going to leave you with some amazing pictures, as they truly speak for themselves.


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